How does it work?

Show your products

Onvinum gives you the opportunity to promote your wines in those markets and sales channels that are of interest for you.

You will be able to segregate different product lines according to target markets, providing all the necessary information so that buyers can make decisions.

Discover wines

Filter among thousands of wines by Country, region, price, type of wine, type of grape, category, vintage, number of bottles produced, scores...

Access in a simple and uniform way to the largest wine catalog in the world.

Connect and do business

With just one click we will connect you with the person responsible for YOUR market and you will be able to start a successful business relationship.

Users feedback

Bodega Araujo

Very positive. My expectations were fulfilled in terms of interviews done. I am in contact, and I will also be able to go deeper together, with one of our current importers to follow up more closely. Very good coordination and pre-established times for the meetings. I will participate again.


Good overall organization, well adapted to the current situation, a good model that allows an initial contact.

Wein And Vinos

A very well-organized fair, very professional team always willing to help in everything we need. Certainly, an efficient way to complete our portfolio. Looking forward to the next edition!


Very professional. The organization is always ready to solve unexpected problems.


“Adapting quickly to new situations is key to success and with My Online Fair we found a platform that allowed us to continue a personal and in-depth search for new products and producers despite not being able to travel” – Matthew Bywater, Wine Manager and Buyer at Dettling & Marmot AG

Hidden Vines

Very efficient. Extremely easy to use and navigate the Video Call platform that is used.